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Easy does it.

Understand crisis as friends
on the road to a new kind of joyful work-performance.

Without roots
there are no wings.

Find your balance between agility and stability.

Inspiration arises
from human contact

Leadership is more than just the matter of Chief.

Female strength is a very
special resource.

Make use of it.

Thinking about yourself
in a new way?

Find out, what potential is hidden inside of you.

Gain altitude.

Do something about the system — not just within the system.

Gender Mix?

Experience the potential of consciously lived synergies.

Seven Sources Consulting

Welcome at your Organization-Psychologists.

We are your experts to make people and organizations active, healthy and always performing at their best.


The unlimited access to human resources and the careful dealing with them are the catalysts for the
ability to deal with new challenges and for powerful innovative thinking.


We re-source you, your employees and your company.


Contact us !

Leadership Development

Develop your organization to its full potential by working with highly aware and agile management personnel of the new generation.


Change Management

We ensure that your change-process leads to a sustainable result and this successful change will be supported by the people in your organization.


Gender-Synergy Development

Discover the potential that derives from consciously lived synergies created by male and female work-methods.



We improve your corporate culture so people in your organization can realize their full potential.



To develop and move ahead, a targeted impulse by a competent coach at the right time is needed.



With our help you can find the necessary spark to lead you out of the burnout-state back to growth and a new beginning. Or, better yet: do not let things get that far!