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Easy does it.

Understand crisis as friends
on the road to a new kind of joyful work-performance.

Without roots
there are no wings.

Find your balance between agility and stability.

Inspiration arises
from human contact

Leadership is more than just the matter of Chief.

Female strength is a very
special resource.

Make use of it.

Thinking about yourself
in a new way?

Find out, what potential is hidden inside of you.

Gain altitude.

Do something about the system — not just within the system.

Gender Mix?

Experience the potential of consciously lived synergies.


Thanks to our experience and highly developed creativity we use methods and models, which fit your needs and expectations exactly – even if we have to invent them ourselves.


The key-positions for any kind of change and improvement are the persons in management. We support them in the process of clearance, focusing and direction.

Together we sharpen your view to find possibilities for development, we help you find new and unexpected perspectives, we work with you on visions and models, strategies and implementation plans.
And we make sure that you stay well ressourced.


Standard diagnostic tools provide a clear orientation where teams, organizations or individual people are standing in their development and provide suggestions for further development.

  • Cultural Diagnosis according to Clare Graves for teams and organisations
  •  Leadership- Agility Assessment for managers
  • System-Analyses: to understand the question implanted in a complex system


To initiate major change processes and to use the energy in the organization, we mobilize large groups of 50 to 1000 people.


To initiate major change processes and to use the energy in the organization, we mobilize large groups of 50 to 1000 people.

  • RTSC (Real Time Strategic Change)
  • Open Space
  • World Café
  • Future Conference
  • Al Summit: Appreciative Inquiry Summit


To communicate basic knowledge , models, methods and skills , we offer effective and individualized trainings on the following topics:

  • Leadership-Agility-Training: development-training for leading personnel
  • Leading Women’s Training: training for women in leading positions
  • Leading Changes: how to lead during change-processes
  • Communication and Community: how to use the strength of community
  • Turning Resistance: understanding and dealing with obstacles
  • Burnout-Prevention: how to avoid burnout within the organization
  • Re-Source & Burnout-Transformation: how to deal with burnout
  • Managing Conflicts and Crisis: how to deal with conflicts and make them usefulTrain the Coach: Coach-education

Team Development

To manage increasing complexities and dynamics successfully, functioning teams are one of the essential keys for agility and performance of the organization.We help teams to deal with problems within the group, develop their potentials to the optimum and to keep on learning together continuously.


Coaches, personnel developers, intern consultants – even advisors need advise. We can help! Together with you, we take a look at concrete situations and constellations, point out to you new ways and blind spots and help you to keep your resources accessible.

Solving Conflicts

Even though one cannot solve every conflict, at least it is possible to find out, how to deal with it in a professional manner – and this is often only possible with the help of a third person, of an educated conflict-coach.


Coaching, differentiated Feedback-Talks, common reflections, personal sounding-board, decision- making-assistance, individual strategy development: to discuss individual and very personal topics we offer single- talks in a confidential surrounding.

Graphic Visualization

Gladly we have our artists accompany us. Working with those drawing experts made our work in the past very pleasant and also very successful.

  • Graphic Recording: the simultaneous visualizations of our colleagues are catchy and they help, to make the effects of the changes last long, even after the event is over.
  • Strategic Visualization: Visual symbols, for example of project objectives, change maps and process maps or cultural transformation maps stay in people’s minds.
    They are remembered for a long time and give clear guidance.

Entrepreneur -Theatre

Working with our actors we have made amazing experiences and we have realized, that some things can be very easy. Just as long as you do not only talk about them.

  • Mirror-Theatre: in shorts stage-scenes actors bring unpleasant facts into the open or they present new ways of looking at things
  • Improvisation-Theatre: it is not important, wether you and your co-workers take part in it Within the spontaneous acting performance experiences are sorted out, new and unexpected perspectives come up, new solutions show up.