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Easy does it.

Understand crisis as friends
on the road to a new kind of joyful work-performance.

Without roots
there are no wings.

Find your balance between agility and stability.

Inspiration arises
from human contact

Leadership is more than just the matter of Chief.

Female strength is a very
special resource.

Make use of it.

Thinking about yourself
in a new way?

Find out, what potential is hidden inside of you.

Gain altitude.

Do something about the system — not just within the system.

Gender Mix?

Experience the potential of consciously lived synergies.


Leadership Development

  • Leadership Agility Assessment
  • Leadership Agility
  • Development-Programs


  • Manager-Coaching
  • Personality-Coaching
  • Transform-Coaching
  • Conflict-Coaching


  • Culture-Diagnostics
  • Target culture for your organisation
  • Transformation in target culture

Gender-Synergy Development

  • Training for women in management jobs
  • Gender-Synergy-Programs

Change Management

  • Change Management Strategy-Development
  • Change Management – support of the process
  • Lean Management Support
  • Training Change Agents
  • Team Building


  • Burnout Prevention
  • Burnout Diagnosis
  • Burnout Treatment
  • Burnout Groups