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Our Philosophy

7 Sources — the seven sources we draw from to obtain transformation and profound advancement.

Mythology, philosophy and science consider the digit 7 as a number of change, of transformation and of giant leaps. This is exactly what we are talking about – on the individual as well as on the organisation level.


We know that real change, which reaches down to the roots, cannot be fed by superficial motives. What you want to achieve with our help can only
work out, if one works very consciously with the forces that feed every human transformation. This is a fact, as we know from psychology, from economics,
from brain research and from our own experience.


Before asking, HOW people do something, one needs a solid and reasonable answer to the question, WHY they do it.

If we understand the deeper meaning of our actions and be able to connect this meaning to our values ​​, goals and activities, we even make the seemingly impossible possible with great force and decisiveness.In times of great complexity such stable orientation sets free immense organizing and manifesting forces.

If you are cut off from your psychological, material and organizing resources and feel stressed, then your creative potential is barely accessible. By connecting with your resources you will set free unknown talents, gifts and abilities.

The more we accept responsibility for the things, which happen within ourselves and in our environment, the more active and the less helpless we become. If we understand ourselves more and more as the creator of our inner world and our surroundings then the acceptance of responsibility will go far beyond the requirements of our specific roles.

A sense of timing and the knowledge of cycles and phases help us to understand change as a process and not as a series of partially disturbing states and conditions.So we can stand up in a relaxed way to all kinds of currents and amplitudes which will come along with the change process and so, in the right pace, we can convert them into successes.

Being aware of patterns and relations within oneself as well as in the outer space is a major catalyst for change. After understanding the underlying motives and dynamics one develops a strong will that can no longer be irritated and creates profound clarity. The quality of your interactions and decisions is decided by the state of our awareness.

Making contact is the first and most important basic human resource which carries us. Authentic and appreciative human relations make us feel safe and provides us with the necessary stability to perform at a high level even during very dynamic and fast changing times.Instead of strict an unflexible structures in future times networking will become more important.

Any attempt to try to influence a field of action in an isolated way will create an uncontrollable chain of reactions. To ignite target-orientated developments we need to consider their effect on the entire system. This applies to ourselves as physical- psychological systems with different patterns and motives as well as it applies to the social and organizational systems.